Our people are our greatest asset and are what makes our business successful. During 2022 we have made good progress in improving our gender balance in senior roles as well as developing our colleagues across the business, helping our colleagues, learn more, earn more and belong. 

Diversity and inclusion

We believe everyone should feel welcome and part of the Travelodge team.

People development and labour practices

At Travelodge we want people to feel they have the opportunity to be their best.

Customer accessibility

At Travelodge we believe everyone should be treated fairly.

Diversity and Inclusion 

We believe everyone should feel welcome and part of the Travelodge team. In 2023 we’ll continue our focus on improving the balance of gender and ethnicity within our teams at all levels.

We know there are so many benefits to having a diverse team and we continually monitor the diversity of our workforce to ensure we support a culture of equality, diversion and inclusion. We have both an Equality and Diversity and Trans Inclusion Policy in place. 

And to be sure everyone feels like they have a voice listening groups are available for our colleagues that look at topics that are important to them so we can take positive action to make Travelodge a great place to work.

Gender Diversity
Our focus on gender diversity has helped us to a position where around 63% of our Hotel Managers are women and we also made good progress in 2022 with gender balance at senior level. 48% of our Senior Leadership Team and 57% of our Operating Board are women. We continue to have targets in place to ensure we remain focused on our gender balance.

Ethnic diversity 
In the UK, around 18% of the population identifies as being from a minority ethnic background.
• 67% of our workforce identify as white
• 23% from ethnic minority backgrounds
• 10% prefer not to say

At Senior Levels there is limited representation from minority ethnic groups:
• 83% identify as white
• 5% identify from ethnic minority backgrounds
• 12% prefer not to say
We know we have more work to do to champion ethnic diversity, especially within Senior Level roles, and have action plans in place to address this throughout 2023 and 2024.

People development and labour practices

At Travelodge we want people to feel they have the opportunity to be their best which is why we’ve set some big targets for internal promotions and multiskilling. And with such a large number of hourly paid colleagues, we are always mindful of giving people the opportunity to earn more for doing more.

Our People Pledge is:
“We are committed to creating an inclusive workplace, providing decent work with opportunities to learn more and earn more, where everyone can be their true self, and belong”. 

It is essential our colleagues know what opportunities are available to them so they can develop and progress. Last year we launched 2 new levels of our management development programme Aspire, enabling hotel colleagues to progress their careers from team member to Hotel Manager, as well as having the opportunity to achieve a recognised qualification as part of their journey.

In our hotels, a larger percentage of women work in the lower-paid roles compared to senior roles, however between 70% and 80% of hotel management role vacancies are filled internally each year. Developing colleagues to enable them to progress into more senior roles will in turn support our gender diversity targets.

The importance of housekeeping is key for Travelodge along with the capability to assist customers when needed. Therefore we always encourage colleagues to complete training to upskill them in other roles and become multi-skilled. 

Our head office colleagues wanting to develop their careers can take advantage of an in-house People Management Programme, and in 2022 we launched Limitless, aimed at middle management colleagues with a focus on health, motivation and performance.

Customer accessibility

At Travelodge we believe everyone should always be treated fairly and last year we partnered with Disability Positive, who helped us review our policies and procedures, the equipment we use at our hotels and the way we train our colleagues.

We have a wide range of customers using our hotels every day so we always want to make sure they’re accessible and welcoming to everyone. In consultation with Disability Positive, we’ve improved our Disability Awareness training as well as updating our online booking process to allow guests booking accessible rooms to state whether they wish their room to be set up as a twin or double. Guests booking accessible rooms can now also provide details of additional assistance they may require.

We also hold research groups so we can hear first-hand from our customers what their needs are allowing us to give them the best stay possible. 

And it’s not just our hotels, Travelodge is committed to making our website accessible to all users, including people with disabilities, our UK website has been developed in accordance with the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines 1.0 which help promote accessibility.