We plan to improve the wellbeing of our colleagues by encouraging an inclusive culture that promotes a positive approach to health, safety, wellbeing and security. We
will continue to develop our relationships with our charity partners.

Health & Safety

Our number one priority is the safety of our customers and colleagues.


Our colleagues are important to us and we want to support them in every way we can.


Travelodge works closely with its charity partners the British Heart Foundation and Pennies

Human trafficking and child abuse

Here at Travelodge we will maintain 100% of our colleagues undergo important child trafficking and human rights training in 2022.

Data security and customer privacy

We are committed to keeping personal data safe and secure.

Health & Safety

Our number one priority is the safety and security of our customers and colleagues.

We consider the safety of our customers and colleagues in all business decisions. We do this by having a comprehensive and proactive approach to risk assessment, clear policies, procedures and controls. 

We regularly train our colleagues on our comprehensive safety and security policies and procedures. 

In addition we have a nominated Safety Champion in every operational district to support hotel teams. The Safety Champions regularly meet throughout the year to discuss any issues or concerns or provide input and feedback on safety related processes or procedural changes being considered or in the process of being implemented.

Our hotels are subject to routine inspections from local authority Environmental Health Officers, Fire Safety Officers and officers from other various enforcement agencies. We also use an independent company to carry out unannounced safety audits at all our hotels.

Case Study:
Safety during the COVID-19 pandemic

At the start of the pandemic, we created TravelodgeProtect+, a programme of cleaning and social distancing measures, designed to keep our customers and colleagues safe and give everyone peace of mind. The programme was developed by a dedicated cross functional hygiene strategy team, in discussion with our peers and bodies, such as the UK Hospitality Association.


The physical, emotional, financial and work wellbeing of our colleagues is important to us.

Financial – Understanding their benefits including pensions, and the recent introduction of our salary finance scheme
Emotional – Support for colleagues’ mental health including our Employee Assistance Programme
Physical – Discounted gym membership and ways to support physical health
Work – How to progress their careers with Travelodge including CV & interview tips and joining the Aspire Programme. ASPIRE is our Internal Career Development Programme from entry level Team Member through to Senior Operations Management.

Our annual ‘Your Voice’ survey also monitors how colleagues feel about the support we offer on wellbeing. Our target is to increase the survey score for “There are resources available to me at Travelodge to support my wellbeing” from 7.4 to 8.5 by 2025.

We also have our Employee Assistance Programme which is an online and 24 hour telephone helpline for colleagues and family members, giving them access to legal assistance on financial issues and counselling sessions to support mental health issues.


We work closely with our charity partners the British Heart Foundation and Pennies.

We became the first hotel brand to join Pennies in 2011, allowing customers the opportunity to add a few pennies to their hotel room bookings for charity. Customers have raised over a million pounds so far by using the digital charity box. For the first two years, customers’ online micro-donations supported KidsOut and Cancer Research UK. From 2013 to early 2017, donations benefited Macmillan Cancer Support

Since March 2017, donations started supporting the British Heart Foundation, as they fight for every heartbeat.

Case Study:
British Heart Foundation

Travelodge has partnered with the British Heart Foundation since 2017 and plan to continue their relationship during 2022.  We expect to train a further 1,000 colleagues in CPR during the year using a new phone app that teaches CPR using only the app and a pillow, removing the need for a traditional CPR dummy.  This will help keep both our colleagues and guests safe.

Human trafficking and child abuse

Human trafficking is a modern form of slavery. It occurs when men, women, children and young people are forced, tricked, or persuaded to leave their homes and then exploited, forced to work or even sold.

The use of hotels for child trafficking and use associated with criminal activity is a recognised issue throughout the hotel industry. Police and children’s charities advise us that criminal groups will often move vulnerable children to locations outside of their known local area to minimise the child’s ability to access help.

All our hotel teams are trained according to national guidelines supported by the NSPCC, which have also been approved by the National Working Group on child sexual exploitation, South Yorkshire Police and the MET Police. Training is delivered every 6 months.

Data security and customer privacy

We are committed to ensuring that all personal data, relating to both our customers and colleagues is held in a safe and secure manner and is used in an ethical manner.

It is our policy to manage and store personal information of both its colleagues and customers in compliance with all relevant Data Protection Legislation in the jurisdictions in which it operates, in particular but not exclusively; The Data Protection Act 2018 and the EU General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR).

All of our colleagues receive training on data security and privacy and we maintain, train and support data privacy champions in each of our business functions whose role is to ensure ongoing compliance with ethical business practices with regard to our customer and colleague data.

Case Study:
Phishing attacks and awareness training

In 2020 we introduced a third party tool to measure the phishing susceptibility of our colleagues through a programme of testing that gives education and guidance to colleagues on what to look out for.